Cloud Solutions

Moving all or some of your computing environment into the cloud, connects your business operations to a burgeoning array of Internet-based computing services, which can then be accessed through your web browser or through locally installed applications. This process of online “virtualiziation” frees you up from having all your applications and databases stored and loaded locally. This means that each person’s data is now hosted on dedicated remote servers that can be accessed securely at any time and from anywhere on the Internet. One login from any device is all it takes.

Even a partial move into the cloud can help you to realize cost savings by addressing infrastructure, platform and application issues in a more easily serviced environment, without having to run and maintain your own local in-house servers. Such virtualization enables new levels of sharing and collaboration. Using the right cloud tools can help break down barriers to scaled operations and lead you to becoming a more open, effective and resilient organization.

Virtualization is not an all or nothing proposition either. It can be full or partial. It is up to each of your users/personnel to determine which combination works best for each of them. Remember too, that you can still access applications even when you are offline. The cloud environment is very customizable to help make your business operations future-proof.

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