With years in the field… planning, purchasing, updating and maintaining business technology solutions, we can help you to simplify and amplify your speed and effectiveness, across all your operations.

We are familiar with the full-range of recent HARDWARE and SOFTWARE options and how they each integrate compatibly across all your devices; desktop, tablet and mobile platforms and peripherals.

We are also CABLING experts and can wire your office, set up and configure your fastest wireless INTERNET CONNECTION and even run your network in VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK mode (VPNs) for maximum speed, power, capacity and security.

We know and work with the full range of local and cloud-based SOFTWARE options. As MICROSOFT Certified Professionals, we can get you up and running on Microsoft Enterprise, with MS Small Business Server (SBS) Support, as well as with all Microsoft Office 365 software options. If you’re ready, there is also Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We can move your application layer into the Cloud in any number of ways; with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or with Google Cloud. We can also recommend and install a variety of the most powerful office software packages, including (but not limited to) those from Adobe, Symantec, Intuit, Sage Software, Nuance, FileMaker and others.

As our initial focus as a company was in serving the legal profession, we appreciate the absolute bottom-line necessity of securing the life cycle of your DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT and EMAIL SYSTEMS, as well as ensuring that they are created, reviewed, published and safely stored at every step along the way, giving you complete control over how they are ultimately disposed of and retained.

Our experience has helped us to define flexible custom suites of the latest best-in-class tools to manage, filter and keep your inbound email, web browsing and document management secure and backed-up. We can also implement SaaS (software as a service) email protection and continuity for the cloud that allows for instant restoration should any type of outage occur.

We stand ready to be your technology partner in assessing, supplying, connecting and integrating the best combination of equipment, software tools and application services to stabilize and boost all your business practices.

FIRM Solutions
Delivering Access, Connectivity and Security to Every Aspect of Your Business