Global Security

Communication over the Internet brings with it a host of great benefits, but it also requires that impenetrable defensive steps be taken to ensure that your network is always secure and free from spam, denial of service attacks, phishing ploys, malware, viruses, worms and inappropriate email content.

Our experience has helped us to define a custom suite of best-in-class tools to manage, filter and keep your in-bound email and web-browsing secure.

The full benefits of your infrastructure are contingent upon your network fully protected and free from intrusion or compromise.

We work with top vendors like McAffee, Barracuda and ClickProtect to stay ahead of any and all  threats, all the while tagging up to 99% of spam mail BEFORE it ever reaches your mailbox.

For larger companies and especially for enterprises that must meet compliance standards, the task of identifying malicious threats is even more of an obligation. Using SaaS (software as a service) email protection means that continuity in the cloud is always available should an outage of any type occur. If it does, your email will be “spooled” back into the cloud like a turtle back into its shell, and then released and re-delivered when you are securely back online. This provides you the peace of mind of knowing that your employees can stay productive with continuous email storage, access, and use – even during unexpected email server or power outages.

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