We believe that your network and the multiple pathways by which you are connected to it should bear the mark of your company. It should carry your fingerprints, your DNA – your “signature” – a personal form of identification that also informs your technology infrastructure.We believe it’s time to take tech personally. This personal relationship that at the outset we build into the design of your network will do much to shape the course of the conversations that drive your day-to-day interactions, as well as the more quantifiable results you track within your company, with your partners and with customers and clients.

As our technologies grow smarter and more anticipatory of our various wants and needs, we must grow clearer too on what it is we want from technology. The days of dropping a bunch of machines on desktops and wrapping them with a bunch of cables and routers and calling it a network are over.

Such personalized signature technologies are here and ready to play a central role in shaping the next more augmented-intelligence generation of information technology… and to which now we are all a part.